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Welcome to my site.

I grew up on a small farm in Minnesota, graduated High School, got married and raised three beautiful tax paying citizens while working in the construction trades. My journey has taken me to Northern New Mexico.  I moved here in 2015 and immediately merged myself in the diverse art community of Santa Fe and southern Colorado. I found my niche in Fiber Arts. 

The simple fabric bags I started out with have evolved into beautiful leather and rich textured bags along with leather bracelets, aprons, pillowcases and much more. 

I have focused on grassroots artisan markets showcasing my creations. My event schedule is posted and I may see you at a show. 

I love meeting the people and talking with other Artists.  While on the road there is time for camping, four wheeling, river fishing and just enjoying the outdoors.

Thank you for visiting my site...

Betsy Robin

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